Kanye West to plan honeymoon in space?

OK… so the word on the street right now is that Kanye West and his baby mamma Kim Kardashian are interested in taking a trip to space for their honeymoon. Say whatttt?
Apparently Kanye is obsessed with space and sci-fi and even considered training as an astronautical engineer. Sounds pretty crazy right? I think so.
Well for this to even happen, Kanye and Kim would require to have three months of astronaut training to take advantage of the CSS Skywalker, an inflatable orbital resort which will float 250 miles above the planet when it launches in 2015 according to sources. The trip will cost nearly $1 million per person each night.
Sources said; “Kanye is saying this will be their third honeymoon, as it won’t be ready for a year, so they’ll have two others before then.”
This idea of Kanye’s is pretty ridiculous wouldn’t you say?
What does everyone think?

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