Lil Boosie to be set free in February

Word on the street right now is that Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie is expected to be a free man this February. According to sources, Lil Boosie will be home free the week of February 13th.
We reported back in December that Boosie may be released August 2014, so its a lot sooner than originally expected.
Lil Boosie has been in jail since 2009 after being convicted on marijuana possession charges. Boosie messed up during the time and double his time for violating probation while waiting for his sentencing.
In 2011, Boosie was sentenced to 8 years in prison on several drug charges but that was later contested.
I know its hard for Boosie to stay out of trouble but lets hope he learned at least something while sitting behind bars these past years.

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