Jamal Scott named as suspect for Mazaradi Fox murder

According to sources close to Purple Bars, Jamal Scott has been identified as a suspect for the murder of G-unit affiliate, Mazaradi Fox. He has been charged with second-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder and felony assault.
The police made the announcement of the suspect yesterday from the shooting that occurred in Queens.
Scott also injured three others who were riding in the SUV during the January 3 shooting.
Sources say that Scott pulled up next to the SUV Mazaradi was in while he was in a dark Hyundai Sedan wearing a ski mask and black attire.
Mazaradi wasn’t signed with 50 Cent and G-unit, but he did have close ties with 50 and other members of the G-unit squad.
50 Cent commented on behalf of Mazaradi’s death.
“50 Cent was in his New York studio and was saddened when he heard the news. He sends his condolences to Mazaradi’s family,” a rep for the rapper said.
Several weeks before the shooting, Mazaradi was released from prison.

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