Floyd Mayweather: T.I. Is a B*tch and “I Was F*cking His B*tch” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Floyd Mayweather Jr will entertain a crowd of people no matter what it takes.

A day after Mayweather Jr’s altercation with T.I. in Las Vegas on May 24th, the undefeated boxer informed Nicole Bitchie that the fight stemmed from T.I.’s assumption that Mayweather Jr had sex with his wife, Tiny. During a recent press conference for his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana in Washington, D.C., Mayweather Jr. answered a question about T.I. bluntly:

What about the b*tch? I was f*cking his b*tch. Money May gon make it do what it do, baby.

Check out Mayweather speak about T.I. and having a sexual relationship with Tiny at the 2:18 mark below:

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