Freak Watch: 25 Girls Who Want August Alsina To Rip Their Cervix [Photos]

Breakout R&B sensation August Alsina saw himself on the upside of an urban legend when he did very little to dispel rumors that he ripped a groupie’s cervix out a place during a sexual encounter romp. The term groupie is used freely in the this case because the faceless orator of the story alleges that she flew out to see the singer on her own dime and waited patiently until he was really to human Planned Parenthood.

Since the topic is so hot, the question on whether or not the scenario is true came up yet again in a new interview with Ness Nitty. And like the previous interrogation, August sidestepped over a direct answer while pointing out that the situation could happen with any adult male if the positions were put into place.

With his reputation of “August Alsina Cervix Breaker Extraordinaire” intact, hoards of his female fan base pledged their allegiance to his loins, not caring if their organs were also damaged in a one night stand. That is, of course, if the scenario actually transpired in the first place.

Check out the ridiculous collection of adolescent girls who want August to permanently break them off.

Mind you, some of the them don’t even know what a cervix is. These girls ain’t moral.

Photo: Instagram/August Alsina

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