Disabled Man Sues Shaquille O’Neal, Trey Burke & Waka Flocka For Instagram Slander [Photos]

The Michigan man with Ectodermal Dysplasias who become an Internet laughingstock thanks to Shaquille O’Neal, Trey Burke and Waka Flocka Flame is looking to quell his emotional distress by digging into their pockets.

Jahmel Binion, 23, filed a lawsuit in Macomb County Circuit Court alleging he suffers from “defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and general negligence,” The Macomb Daily has learned.

In late April, Shaq lead the charge when he posted a photo on his Instagram account imitating the natural gaze of Binion for his nearly eight million plus Twitter followers to laugh at. Binion’s condition prevents him producing sweat and growing hair and teeth, so his appearance generally throws people for a curve upon first glance.

Soon after the Shaq posting, NBA rookie Trey Burke and Waka Flocka followed suit on their social media accounts, resulting in Binion becoming a trending topic in the worst possible way.

After realizing the psychological damage they were doing (thanks to some hefty online scolding) all three celebrities publicly apologized and Shaq actually made a personal phone call.

Binion’s attorney, John Henke III isn’t as forgiving and the complaint in the lawsuit is nothing short of scathing.

“The defendants mocked and ridiculed the plaintiff, a person completely unknown to themselves in public forums where their activity would be widely disseminated,” the lawsuit claims. “The defendants’ communications clearly implied that the plaintiff was an appropriate object of mockery, ridicule and shame” and “had the effect of lowering the plaintiff’s reputation in the eyes of those who respected the views and opinion of the defendants.”

The lawsuit is also seeking to collect more that $25,000 in damages.

Thumb through the gallery below to see pictures of Jahmel, who is not ashamed of his appearance in the slightest.

Photos: Instagram/Jstardboii23

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