“Caucasians” T-Shirts Are Selling Like Crazy

Caucasians t-shirts mocking the Cleveland Indians logo, are selling big over in Canada. Customers can’t get enough of these t-shirts due to the racial insensitivity allegations surrounding them.  Chief Wahoo — the Cleveland mascot — is planted on the front of the “Caucasians” t-shirts, above a logo in the same font as the MLB team.

As you can imagine, these t-shirts are turning some heads. “People’s reaction has been all positive and they see the humor in it both on and off the reserve,” said Tracy Bomberry. Her “Caucasians” shirt is a hit.

Bomberry bought the shirt after A Tribe Called Red singer DJ NDN got blasted for rocking his “Caucasians” t-shirt, after he fought to have the Nepean Redskins named changed to the Eagles. He was called a “racist hypocrite” for wearing the t-shirt.

Not by everybody though, Bomberry has DJ NDN’s back. “I thought how hypocritical that he would be accused of racism for wearing a shirt that turns the tables in a satirical way of how our image as native people has been misappropriated by the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins and the like.”

“Caucasians” shirts have been in production since 2007, but sales “skyrocketed” after the DJ NDN story spread online.

The Cleveland Indians aren’t touching this story, they have their own issues to deal with. After the Washington Red Skins trademark protection ruling, a Native American group announced plans to file a federal lawsuit against the team.


– Photo: Shelf Life Clothing

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