Exclusive: Joyner Lucas In Real Life [VIDEO] has been checking for Massachusetts spitter Joyner Lucas for quite some time and we’re truly happy to see that we aren’t the only ones!  He has been hitting the stage for our Breeding Ground Showcase section all across the country and though it took us some time to catch up with the busy emcee, we finally sat down to get some exclusive behind the scenes info about his controversial lyrics, his career aspirations and some surprising revelations about his personal life as well!

While Joyner has been featured in shows just about everywhere, he hasn’t been interviewed too many times as of yet. This actually ended up being a good thing for everyone involved. We say this because it allowed us to address some deeper topics with him that had yet to be explored. And it was this that transformed what was supposed to be a formal interview, into an honest conversation among friends! We think you will be surprised by some of what our pal Joyner had to say!

Take a look for yourselves in the video below!



This song is powerful and it’s Joyner’s truth as well. Check out the video for Half Ni**er.



Thanks again to Joyner Lucas for the sit down! The conversation was so full of Hip Hop goodness that we couldn’t get it all in one video! Come back next week for the conclusion and to see what Joyner went through as a kid that would eventually help him to become the focused man that he is today.

And in the meantime and between time check him out on Twitter @RealJoynerLucas and at his website

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