EXCLUSIVE: Snootie Wild Talks Hometown Hate, Being Surprised By Support + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Crabs in a bucket mentality is real. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop, CMG’s Snootie Wild discussed fighting hate in his home state of Memphis, being surprised by the love he’s getting and more.

In a prior interview with AllHipHop, Young Dolph mentioned how there is antagonism that exists in Memphis’ music scene. When asked about when he knew “Yayo” was a hit in his home state, Snootie claimed the success truly came in proving his home wrong:

It was more like you got so many people what you can’t do. Like ‘ahh you ain’t going to be able to make it like that’ or ‘ahh it’s hard to make it in your hometown first’. To be honest, the more I moved in different cities, it’s almost I heard it in every city that it’s hard to make it in your city. So, to me, I was mor rebellious on the situation.

Snootie’s debut EP, Go Mode will be released later this year.

Check out PART ONE of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Snootie Wild below:

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