Lil Durk Says Rick Ross And Jeezy Collaborated For “Publicity” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) War and competition is profitable for almost every profitable American industry, but reconciliation is a close second. In a recent interview, Lil Durk explains how him and Chief Keef can still collaborate after their Twitter feud and comments on Rick Ross and Jeezy’s collaboration.

In Feburary of this year, Jeezy and Rick Ross ended their four year feud and collaborated on “War Ready” for Ross’ Mastermind album. In his interview with DJ Vlad, Durk claims the Ross and Jeezy collaboration “didn’t get as big as it was supposed to have got” and that it was purely for publicity, as opposed to his potential collaboration with Chief Keef:

I can tweet a mothaf*cka and get into it with them and we be on a song together [in] two weeks. That’s the type of sh*t—Fans like that type of sh*t, bro. A real mothaf*cka like us we don’t look at it like that. But that’s when you come out with an album and I come out with an album and—Just like how Ross and Jeezy did. The song didn’t get as big as it was supposed to have got, but they were like ‘Damn, they been into it for so long they need to get on a song with each other’…The publicity sh*t, but the shit we was doing it wasn’t publicity.

Durk recently plead guilty to gun possession charges and as part of his plea deal was given 18 months of probation.

Check out the full interview here.

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