Hip-Hop Rumors: Uh..Did Juelz Santana Get Beat Up Badly?

I heard some disturbing rumors last night out of Harlem, New York. You know, rumors aren’t what they used to be and a lot of stuff goes viral quickly. But, I heard that Juelz Santana may have been beaten up yesterday in Harlem. Now, a female told an AllHipHop worker this and the worker told me. There isn’t much to this rumor, other than Juelz may have been knocked out in the streets. She said, “I just heard Santana got knocked out. He from around here. I don’t know details, just that he got beat pretty bad.” For the record, I hope there is no truth to this one. Santana is a cool dude, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, you already know Dipset may be getting back together. I don’t know how factual that is, but check out “Dipsh*ts.”


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