DJ Babu Says DJ Premier Fought A Fan For Punching Him Before A Gang Starr Show (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Let this be a Public Service Announcement on the dangers of ingesting drug-induced bravery at rap concerts. In an interview, Dilated Peoples’ DJ Babu recalls a time when DJ Premier ended up “boxing” a fan who unexpectedly punched him before a Gang Starr show.

DJ Babu explains to 247HH the incident occurring during a stop in Utah while on tour with Rage Against The Machine and Gang Starr. Dilated Peoples toured with Rage Against The Machine and Gang Starr during Fall of 1999 and stopped at E Center in West Valley, Utah on November 23rd, 1999. According to Babu, while a masked DJ Premier was setting up his equipment moments before the start of Gang Starr set, a fan ran up to him and punched him:

Literally seconds before they were about to go on this cuckoo kid just runs past security, up the ramp, on the stage, and socks Premo. And then before you know it he and Premo are boxing and then the whole Gang Starr Foundation comes out. And they all just grab this kid up and take him backstage and I don’t know what kind of shit they did to him.

Babu would later discover the fan “was on some heavy drugs”.

Check out DJ Babu recount DJ Premier’s fight with a fan below:


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