A Different World: 10 Rappers Who Left College [Photos]

Lots of rappers have received degrees, and there are those that didn’t quite make it to the finish line. Sometimes between completing a college education and building a rap career work, the latter is victorious. 

That’s not a diss, by the way. Kanye West is one of rap’s best known college dropouts who left to follow his dreams, and look where it led him. The entire College dropout album is proof that Ye’s story connected to lots of people just like the Chicago MC.

From that stance, college is hard, and expensive, and the not everyone feels the same way about presumed higher learning. Recent statistics show that 56 percent of students finish college within a six year period, and 46 percent don’t complete their college educations.

 There’s no shame in finishing or not, it’s all up to personal preference really.

Check out some rappers who attended but didn’t finish college.

Photo: AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

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