Joe Budden Turns Himself In For Robbery Charges & Clowns The Entire Time [PHOTOS]

Joe Budden is treating the latest domestic violence allegations against him like a big joke because he’s either more innocent than a newborn baby or completely insane. (Choosing both scenarios are also a possibility.)

Regardless, TMZ has found that the Slaughterhouse 25 percenter turned himself into police custody earlier today and from the looks of his tweets, it’s been a hoot the entire time.

“This bullsh*t has def been a minor setback to my bday orgy,” the soon-to-be-34-year-old revealed in response to news cameras in front of his New Jersey residence. Later, he joked how he would soon be out of jail to make it to his favorite strip club and solicited his female followers for nude pictures to hold him over.

On August 21, Budden was accused of brutally assaulting his former girlfriend and she rushed photos of her bruised body to TMZ. From that point on, the NYPD put out an APB on the rapper’s head but apparently didn’t take it too seriously.

Take a look at Budden’s timeline in the slideshow below. Assuming that he’s not guilty, it’s O.K. to laugh along. His chill exited stage left many moons ago. Did they really let him tweet from the bing, though?


Photos: Twitter, Instagram/Joe Budden

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