Gilles- “Windows Down, Tinted Out”

Jump in shotgun and let’s take a ride with artist Gilles. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that everything about him is deliberate. Gilles seems to be cut from a different cloth. He is unique in his own right as he intertwines his NY and ATL upbringing and incorporates influence from his Caribbean roots. Unlike many today, Gilles still leans heavily on both word play and lyricism. Gilles, both a scholar and and a gentleman, aims to be an inspiration to all. Quite the character, he is the stoic, rapper, lawyer and womanizer looking for love. His music is merely an audio collection of those life experiences synced with an 808-laden landscape. He takes us down memory lane and introduces us to the journey of his life.

Take a listen to the single “Windows Down Tinted Out” below:

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