Jeezy Talks Conversations on Hustling With 50 Cent, Nightmares of Past Life + MORE

(AllHipHop News) Ex-drug dealers have historically had the best business models in Hip Hop. During a recent interview, Jeezy explained how his past street life led to nightmares in the early part of his career, conversations on hustling with 50 Cent and more.

On his song “Bury Me A G” from his second major label album The Inspiration, Jeezy rapped “four shots to the chest, my n*ggas get at me/They don’ fucked around and f*cked up my new white tee”. In his Billboard interview, the CTE boss explained how those lyrics were ripped straight from his nightmares:

It’s crazy you said that because if you listen to “Bury Me A G” that’s those nightmares I was having. At that point in time I was like, ‘These ni–as are either gonna kill me or I’m going to kill them.’ That’s how I was living cause I would go places like, if you listen to those lyrics I’m talking about me being out in a club and me running into somebody who maybe it might not go right and them shooting me in my white tee.

In a music genre predicated on youth and constant turnover of trends such as is with Hip Hop, Jeezy has accomplished the seemingly insurmountable feat of maintaining relevance. If you ask Jeezy, no matter profession he chose, that hustler ambition would be intact:

I talked to 50 Cent on the phone [years ago] and he said, “If I was still in the streets I’d be an enforcer.” He said, “If Jay-Z was in the streets, he’d still be a boss. What would you be?” Before I can answer he said, “Nah don’t answer, what would you be?” I’m a true hustler. I’m a true leader, that’s who I am.

Check out the full interview here.

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