Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean’s Father To Sue Who?

What do you call a father who hasn’t been in their child’s life since they were five? Not a deadbeat according to Frank Ocean’s dad.

TMZ reports Frank Ocean’s father is suing hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons for $142,000,000 because Simmons’ site, GlobalGrind called him a deadbeat dad.

Ocean’s father, real name Calvin Cooksey claims he’s been wrongfully labeled, although he hasn’t been in Frank’s life since he was a small child. He blames Ocean’s “money grubbing mother” for moving and hiding him and not letting him be apart of his son’s life.

He’s suing for loss of future income. My question is, if you want to be apart of your child’s life, don’t you take the proper steps to do so? You got the law involved for a lawsuit, why not for visitation? #QTNA


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