YG Talks Losing His Virginity, Getting Initiated Into The Bloods & His First Gun

(AllHipHop News) West Coast representative YG took the time to look back at some of the monumental moments in his life.

Speaking with Vibe, the 24-year-old My Krazy Life album creator discussed the first time he had sex, getting initiated into his Bloods gang set, and receiving his first firearm.

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On losing his virginity in 2004:

It took a minute to slide up in that thang, fa’sho. A n***a was trying to figure it out! [Laughs] It was somebody from around the way—I was low-key talking to her but she wasn’t my girl. I used to listen to Lloyd and Marques Houston back then, all that slow shit.

On being initiated in the Bloods in 2006:

You get jumped on by a certain amount of people for a certain amount of time. I gave my life up for this gangbang s**t. The moment you get put on you gotta bang the hood and be involved in gang activities. I’m not trying to say I sold my soul, but I dedicated my life to the set. You could end up dead or in jail for the rest of your life, you feel me?

On getting his first gun in 2006:

My best friend gave me my first gun. When I held it, I was like, “Ooh wee! This is real!”…I threw a party in a church hall, but n***as who we had problems with came. They walked up close and I pulled the hammer out on them like, “N***a, what’s happenin’?!” Up in the church! They backed back, like, “OK, fa’sho

Head over to Vibe to read the rest of YG’s life stories and find out which song correlates to each one of those moments.

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