ATL Live on the Park Hosts 2nd Annual Hip Hop Unplugged Edition

Every month, Shanti Das and Marlon Nichols continue to present us with incredible R&B talent at the beautiful Piedmont Park with the monthly ATL Live on the Park. This week was no exception but it had a twist. This month’s, ATL Live on the Park celebrated the 2nd Annual Hip-Hop Unplugged honoring pioneers from the Atlanta Hip-Hop music scene. The night included performances by K.P. and Envyi, DJ Jelly and DJ Nabs, Backbone, Organized Noize, and Big Gipp. Kenny Burns hosted the event and excited the crowd, alongside DJ Trauma and in-house band Quinn and the Jukebox.


The show kicked off with a performance by female duo K.P. and Envyi, who performed their crowd favorite, “Shawty Swing My Way”.



DJ Jelly and DJ Nabs followed with an incredible ATL inspired DJ set that took the audience down memory lane. Performing off one another in a battle-like style, the legendary DJs showcased their virtuoso talent and proved why they are a staple in the Atlanta hip-hop community.


Rapper Big Gipp from the legendary hip-hop group Goodie Mob headlined the event, and joined Cool Breeze to finish performing the hit “Dirty South” before presenting his new music. Members from the production group Organized Noize introduced Dungeon Family rapper Backbone next, who performed his classic Atlanta hit “5 Duce 4 Tre.” Dungeon Family rapper Cool Breeze then livened the crowd by performing Goodie Mob’s famous hit “Dirty South.”


This edition of ATL Live on the Park also recognized notable influencers in the hip-hop community. Atlantic Records exec Kawan “KP” Prather received the Hip-Hop Pro Trailblazer Award. DJ Jelly, DJ Toomp, DJ Nabs, DJ Jaycee and DJ Smurf then earned the Hip-Hop Pro Legend Award. Rapper Big Boi from the influential hip-hop duo Outkast presented the Hip-Hop Pro Visionary Award to Organized Noize. Lastly, Shanti Das awarded Outkast with the Hip-Hop Pro Champions Award.

Photos by Prince Williams,

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