Hip-Hop Rumors: Gay Lover Duo!

OK, this is not who you think it is. I am going to annoy you with this blind item, but I am going to write it anyway. There is a Hip-Hop duo that’s on the old school tip. In the 90’s they were in separate situation – one in a rap group and the other a solo rapper. As time carried on these guys have gotten closer and worked together on the music side of life. They have toured internationally and gotten closer as friends. Now, I am hearing from eye witnesses that they were seen shopping in a department store walking hand in hand in a mall in a small town, that will remain unnamed. Now, these guys have NEVER exuded any sort of gay / homosexual tendencies in public, other than working closely together. But that’s a lot of rap groups or teams, like say Red and Meth. So these dudes got together and in a way kept each other buoyant and relevant. One is definitely more relevant than the other. Anyway, the person that saw them definitely said they were coupled up and were startled that somebody recognized them. (These are not A-listers, y’all.) They seemingly jumped away from each other, startled and disconnected their clasped hands. It was too late at that point. I want to stress, these guys have never been regarded as gay at all – EVER. They have kids and all that. It really makes you wonder how it all got started. Perplexing indeed.



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