Florida Man Threatens To Kill Wife For Catching Him Cheating

Usually it’s the person getting cheating on that gets the most upset in a love triangle but this guy turned the tables. A Florida man threatened to kill his wife for “stopping him in the middle of having sex” with another woman — in their bed.¬†This is nothing like your typical Cheaters episode.

Juana Perez, 20, found her hubby laid up with another chick and didn’t think it was appropriate. The husband, whose name hasn’t been released, fled the house (no word on where the side-chick went, or how she managed to get herself out of such awkwardness).

Before he got all the way out, Perez alleges that he “stood in front of her face” and promised to come back and take her life.

The couple has been living together for five years and have two children, who were there at the time. Perez took the children with her to a friend’s house to call the police and report her husband.

Cops determined that Perez was in “fear for her life” and issued a misdemeanor arrest warrant for the hubby.

He’s still on the run.

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