Lil Durk Arrested, Caught With Guns and Ammo In Apartment

Lil Durk is back in trouble with the law. The Chicago rapper was arrested yesterday morning (Nov. 5) after authorities found him in an apartment in the vicinity of a couple of guns and plenty of ammo.

Reports the Chicago Tribune:

Lil Durk, 22, whose real name is Durk Banks, was arrested after Chicago gang officers went to a home in Orland Hills about 5 a.m. Wednesday while investigating a homicide, according to the arrest report.

A woman who answered the door let them in, and the officers saw Banks standing in the living room near a kitchen island where there were two guns in plain sight, the report said.

“I got those pipes (guns) ’cause (expletive) always be tryin’ to take my bands (money),” Banks said, according to the police report.

Police seized a Glock .45-caliber handgun with a magazine and 11 live rounds and a Springfield .45-caliber handgun with a magazine and 13 live rounds, the police report said. It was not clear if there were rounds in the chambers of the guns.

Durk, who is signed to French Montana’s Coke Boys label, was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. It was only this past August when Durk pled guilty to a prior gun charge. In that case a lenient judge gave him 18 months probation and urged him to advocate for anti-gun violence.

That judge may not be too forgiving if those guns end up being Durk’s. But we gotta ask, why did homegirl let the cops in (assuming said cops didn’t have a warrant). Just saying.

Photo: Chicago PD


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