Hip-Hop Rumors: Rumors Say Eminem On Drugs Again!?!

Honestly, for the longest time I had heard that Eminem was completely clean and off drugs. You can see that in his family like this daughter. His kid is doing very, very well. Anyway, Em has been mostly out of the limelight, apparently living a very secluded suburban life. But….the rumors are running rampant. They are suggesting that – based on recent pics – that Eminem is back on that stuff. Remember this?:

I don’t know, but Eminem has talked extensively about how he almost died from drugs in a movie “How To Make Money Selling Drugs”.

“I don’t know at what point exactly it started to be a problem. I just remember liking it more and more. People tried to tell me that I had a problem. I would say ‘Get that f—–g person outta here. I can’t believe they said that sh– to me. I’m not out there shooting heroin. I’m not f—–g out there putting coke up my nose. I’m not smoking crack.”

He also talked about getting his life together:

“Coming off everything, I was literally was up 24 hours a day for three weeks straight. And I mean, not sleeping, not even nodding off for a f—–g minute. I had to regain motor skills, I had to regain talking skills. It’s been a learning process, I’m growing. I couldn’t believe that anybody could be naturally happy without being on something. So I would say to anybody ‘It does get better.’”


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