5 WTF Moments From Fat Joe’s Pyramid Scheme Speech

In March 2014, fresh off his three-month bid for tax invasion, Fat Joe decided to get into marketing. Joey Crack is now the President of Urban and Latino Development for Marketing America/SHOP.com, an e-marketing company. While Joe deems his new gig a way to put money into people’s pockets, others call it a pyramid scheme. For those who are unfamiliar, a pyramid scheme is a leveled marketing plan that promises easy, big money by selling products and/or services, but it isn’t that easy. If just hearing about his new career didn’t shock you enough, watch this 30-minute interview/motivational speech of Joe at this year’s Market America World Conference geared toward non-believers and interests. To make it easier, we broke it down into five memorable moments.

“We Talk Money!”

The video kicks off with Joe seemingly selling a dream. As the audience applauded, he shouted to a lady, “Tap the guy next to you. I want you to ask him if he speaks money ‘cause we talk money! Money is the universal language.” That is true, but everyone that gets into that business will not be as prosperous as Joe. He wants you to believe you will. He claims you can hustle for a short period of time and live off of residual income compared to working your whole life for chump change.

How About a Round of Applause

Here comes the corny slogan. “One team, one dream!” he says. But what happens when that one person isn’t bringing in the dough as they thought they would? Does the team drop them or encourage them to chase the dream that they were sold on in the first place?

Shout Out To The Pastor

Joe puts a spotlight on a pastor that sells dreams tries to get his congregation to ride the Marketing America wave just like him. “He’s not only preaching that it’s gonna be better, he’s showing people the plan. How to succeed, how to make six-figure residual income….” Mixing church and marketing may not be the best route.

“I’ve Been Cured”

At one point, Joe gives his testimony about how he began using the company’s vitamins, Isotonix OPC-3, which are $69.95 on SHOP.com, and now “has no more” his sciatica (pain and weakness brought on by an injury to the sciatic nerve). This condition has no cure. He also said he gave it to a teacher at his daughter’s school and that she loved it so much she chased his truck down like the “bionic woman” to get more.

Fat Joe, Whose Never Had A Job, Wants You To Quit Yours

Joe is now humoring the audience with story of how he went with new crew members to “fire their boss,” which was really the new team member’s way of quitting their dead end job (I think) to join Marketing America. He claims they would do this with a camera in tow to record the whole ordeal. Yeah, right.

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