Deadbeat Dad Of 25 Adds Another Child To His List

A Memphis man dubbed “the worst deadbeat dad ever” just can’t seem to keep his man junk under wraps. Two years ago, Terry Turnage was counted as having 25 children by over a dozen different women and refused to pay child support, and he hasn’t stopped making babies.

Turnage has been ordered to pay child support for 2-year-old Ja’Voin, after the state of Arkansas went after him on behalf of the baby’s mother, Miesha Davis. The toddler is child No. 26 for Turnage.

No one really knows why this guy refuses to wear a condom, or why women continue to sleep with him. His nickname is “TYB” (a.k.a. “Take Your B*tch), and he claims to be so broke that he paid one mother less than $1.50 in “child support.”

Then there’s are the children that he won’t even claim. “He’s going to tell me ‘I don’t care if the President say he mine. He ain’t mine,’” Davis recalled.

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It’s a wonder that Turnage isn’t locked up yet. He’s a local celebrity for all the wrong reasons, and routinely flashes his money on social media …yet he pretends to be broke in front of the law, and skips court dates.

He recently had a two-day birthday bash, attended by 700 people all willing to celebrate with a human of his caliber. He flaunted a $250 bottle of Hennessey during the party, which Davis and 22-year-old Paula Stewart– mother of child No. 24 –both attended. But don’t go thinking Davis and Stewart want back in bed with Turnage. The women say going to the party was about having “a good time,” which is probably pretty easy for him to do because he doesn’t have to stress over how he’s going to come up with the money to pay for the many expenses brought on by children.

The state of Arkansas has tried to garnish the nearly $250 a week he allegedly makes from working at McDonald’s, as if that little amount of money is going to really do anything but at least they’re working on it.

Turnage is said to own the nightclub where he thew his birthday party, and he’s able to hide most of his possession by putting them in his children’s name.

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