94-year-old Brooklyn Man Busted With Loaded Gun At LaGuardia [Photos]

There’s no age limit to packing heat. A 94-year-old Brooklyn man was stopped trying to carry a loaded gun onto an aircraft at LaGuardia Airport this week.

Reports PIX 11:

94-year-old Perry Berger tried to pass through a checkpoint body scanner with a .38 caliber handgun in a holster clipped to the back of his belt, according to the TSA.

The gun was fully-loaded according to officials.

Berger, who was using a wheelchair, has a full-carry permit for the gun and was not arrested, sources told PIX11.

He did, however, miss his flight and was placed on a later one.

It looks like somebody was trying to protect himself over this Thanksgiving holiday, and he’s not alone. TSA agents confiscated a bunch of weapons recently. One dude from Queens  tried to sneak a two crossbows, a stung gun, a BB gun, and handcuffs onto a plane.

Click below to see more items the TSA has seized in the last month alone.

Photos: TSA/Instagram


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