A Death Row Movie?

Will Suge Knight Do A Death Row Movie With Black Kapital In 2015

This year cannot end like this for Drake! First Diddy…then Suge? Come on! Anyway, the word on the street is that Chris Brown has pulled his Blood ties into to the fray to get Drake shut all the way down and all the way up. This is crazy since he has denied having these ties to the Bloods in the past. Sure has not denied these things at all. But Suge us talking about getting revenge on his enemies out in these streets. Glad to be one of his friends! Anyway, I am hearing that Suge is looking to bring in a couple big names into his Black Kapital label. I’d think he was looking to secure Lil Wayne if I didn’t know better, but I know Baby’s paperwork is too crazy for all that. I don’t know any of the specific names though.

Could Suge be doing a Death Row movie?

That’s the other word.

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