INTERVIEW: Dedrick Jamaal Talks "In Time"

It’s an exciting day today for us. Not only did we relaunch, but we got the opportunity to chat with a talented upcoming young hip hop artist. On a path of success, Dedrick Jamaal is already on his fifth mixtape and has appeared on popular sites such as Hip Hop Vibe, Hip Hop Since 1987 and All Hip Hop. While the Baton Rouge native feel likes there is more for him to do and prove to the world, he had the chance to give us some insights about his life, career and power moves. Get to know Dedrick Jamaal as he prepares for his journey through a thriving hip hop career. Catch the interview after the jump!
We hear that you are releasing your latest mixtape, Journey of Kings on Feb 3rd. Congrats. We loved In Time. How are the two projects similar  and different?
Dedrick: Thank you and it means a lot to have people following what I’m doing. With Journey of Kings, I’m pushing to build on that. The two projects are completely different sonically and conceptually but similar in the emphasis on quality.  Journey is more for my region where as In Time is more from my roots as a hip hop head.
What type of artist do you want to be? 
Dedrick: I want to be versitile, consistent, and progressive. I really study the game and have for a long time. Through pursuing music myself I’ve found what I want to represent.  I just pray the people like it and care to grow with me as a person and artist.
Being an artist from Baton Rouge, what are some disadvantages do you face? What are some of your advantages?
Dedrick: The biggest disadvantage is the norm of not only the music but the listeners. In the south hip hop isn’t prominent. We don’t really have the same love for the more content driven or lyrical music as a whole so if you’re that type of artist you tend to go somewhere else like cole moving to New York and pursuing his music more there. People like K.R.I.T are so slept on and it makes you wonder why. The advantage comes from the disadvantage in my opinion. It’s made me more versitile In order to capture an audience in my region as well as stick to my roots with providing quality content driven music along with the party and turn up stuff.
Our favorite song of yours is your track “4 ME” Can we expect songs like this on Journey of Kings?
Dedrick: There’s nothing on Journey like “4 ME”. It’s a completely different sound. It still has hip hop elements on a lot of the tracks because that’s what I represent but it also has more of what I feel I’ve been missing for my region. I’m in love with “4 ME” as well doe.
Describe your writing process. How do you come up with a song and then record it and finish it?
Dedrick: My process has evolved over time and it varies. Some songs I go off the title of the beat when the producer made it and try to play off of that. With others I tell the producer what I want and already have a direction in mind. Some times I just hear the track and freestyle everything so it definitely varies. The most important thing 2 me is never settling and getting the most out of my talent on each track.
You partnered up with Dylan Cage on this new project. How did this idea come into place?
Dedrick: We’re on the same label and we’re good friends so we already have a repore. We finally just took the time to put a project for the listeners.
Name your biggest accomplish of 2014.
Dedrick: Making my way on blogs I follow already like I really feel like I haven’t accomplished anything yet because I’m not at the Grammys or anything so there’s more proving for me to do.
What can we expect from Dedrick Jamaal in 2015?
Dedrick: For me to continue to push In Time and release Journey of Kings. More noise being made & more visuals. Il also be releasing my first full length project for sale & free download called T.A.T.A. Around the fourth quarter.
Any shoutouts?
Dedrick: Shout out to Limerence Magazine, Blacklight Music Group and everyone supporting me. Also special shout out to my newborn son Kylan Alexander Wolfe. I’m grinding for him now.
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