Radio Personality Talks With Limerence about Hip Hop artists

Our friends over at Limerence Magazine got the exclusive interview with radio personality Noslen Morejon of the iNoslen Radio show. If you don’t know Noslen, it is time that you should. This is the guy that appreciates good hip hop music and has a passion for the culture and genre. He also help those underground hip hop artists with exposure and radio play. Read the highlights of the interview after the jump!
On discovering hip hop:
Noslen: The first time I’ve ever heard hip hop was in like 1986. I was with my cousin and he was rocking Kool Moe Dee and it was the “Wild Wild West” song.  He’s got the leather hat on in the video and he’s got the getup on and he’s like talking about hip hop in the wild wild west, which is unheard of. The song was so catchy, I just kept listening to it after that.
On teaming up with DisputeOne for his show:
Noslen: I remember in early 2014, I had DisputeOne on as a guest. I wanted to interview him because I heard his music and I was intrigued by his style. So he comes on the show and the chemistry was there. We talked about music and things happening in hip hop. It was like we were friends, but I’ve never met this guy. After the interview, I told him about Sunday edition and asked him if he wanted to be a part of what I was doing. He agreed. Since he is like a marketing genius and worked in a local radio station, he was a great [asset] to the team. Now he’s our Program Director for the show.
On goals for 2015:
Noslen: My biggest goal is to get 100 patrons to donate a $1 to We will build up from there. I also want to upgrade the infrastructure, which is the computer hardware that runs everything. Next, I want to create the first-ever iNoslen Radio mixtape. The mixtape will give people good music they can listen to and enjoy.
For more information on iNoslen Radio, visit
To set up interviews, email Noslen at
Tune in Every Sunday (4pmEST), Thursday (8pmEST), and Friday (8pmEST).
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