Judge Da Boss- First They Love You, Then They Hate You

Judge Da Boss’ new mixtape First They Love You, Then They Hate you is a definite must listen for music junkies. The project consist of 9 songs which covers the artist’s lifetime and the struggles ordinarily found as it progresses. The overarching theme of the human nature’s response to success is prevalent in this album, following the story of Judge’s rise to fame and his life along the way. Intermingling childhood using laughter in the opening of his song “No Fraud” makes this album a prominent piece of music. He transcends expectations of artists in hip-hop today, successfully intermingling the past and the present to create the bittersweet, yet beautiful concoction that is First They Love You, Then They Hate You.
Slow hip-hop is the sound that dominates this album. Whether you’re looking for a slow grind song to bump at college basement parties, or an album to listen to while studying. A personal favorite would have to be “All She Want.” This is a song that successfully combines both the R&B and hip-hop genre, creating a flavorful song that makes you feel as happy as you do when you pour fresh laundry all over your body. “All She Want” at first listen sounds like the ideal love song, slow and melodious, with a female protagonist at the core. Digging deeper in to it, the listener sees that the story really revolves around a very empowered, self-aware woman who knows what she wants and shouldn’t be afraid to go after it. In regards to hip-hop, this song borders on the revolutionary side. Aside from most music produced in hip-hop, this song appreciates and regards women as human rather than objects focused on in hopes of getting a leg up in the music industry. This attitude sets aside Judge Da Boss as a true legacy and is only half the reason his rise to the top is imminent.

Following “All She Want” comes the track “Fuck Is U Talking Bout,” which is hard to pick up on considering the blending between the two is flawless. After building up this fantasy world with his girl, Judge addresses those people who have challenged him his entire life. In stark contrast to his mellow vibes, this song is a great one to jam to with the windows rolled down on a hot summer day. Between “All She Want,” “Fuck Is U Talking Bout,” and “Take It All Back,” Judge flawlessly interweaves a story of love, loss, acceptance, and other aspects that plague the every day, capturing a multitude of emotions that color the human spectrum of life.
What makes First They Love You Then They Hate You so successful is Judge’s fearless attitude when pushing boundaries. He’s not afraid to go the distance, cross lines, and put himself out there, a role model musician for anyone aspiring to break it in the industry. Like, love, or hate him; but take one listen to his album and even you won’t be able to deny this man is going places.
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