Dedrick Jamaal- Wednesday Song

Dedrick Jamaal attempts to quench his thirst on the overly saccharine offering: “Wednesday Song.”
Dedicated to his “Woman Crush Wednesday” Louisiana Rapper Dedrick Jamaal embodies both an R&B crooner and a man with sensitivity on this infectious slow jam.  “Wednesday Song” is contemporary record in every sense of the word.  From the title, to the lyrical content, to the smoothed out production, it sounds as though it could belong from anyone from Frank Ocean, to Drake, to Future.  This isn’t in itself a criticism, it is just shows that Jamaal is a product of his time.
In one of the best lines, Dedrick Jamaal departs upon his would-be paramour, “I don’t know how you ain’t found the one yet/ you a baddie so it really ain’t no contest/ time, money and you know the boy about that/dim the lights, shawdy beaming in a sundress.”
Admittedly this is endearing, but it is followed by line after line of Jamaal reiterating the same sentiment in slightly different ways.  Keep in mind that this song is essentially about a girl that he mostly knows or interacts with through social media.  The listener knows this because, logically speaking, if he were that close to her, he could have admitted his feelings any other day of the week. As is such, this excessive adoration seems more like desperate pleas for attention than mere compliments.
Thus, despite the positives of the song, overall, Jamaal mimics the likes of a a sixteen year old asking a girl “will I ever get a chance to meet you” in her Instagram comments, instead of a legitimate suitor.

Twitter: @DedrickJamaal

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