"Can I?": New Collaboration With Drake, Beyonce

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Can I?
Drake’s recently unreleased track, “Can I” asks that his “baby” tell him “Who the fuck you want to be.” The entire track sounds unfinished and features Beyonce speaking the refrain, “Baby, Can I?” and then later on in the song “Before I turn the lights out?” The two megastars are joined on the track by Sal Houdini.
The track is slow and minimalistic with Beyonce’s voice serving as a rhythmic accent. Since the song is so clearly unfinished, it is difficult to discern exactly what it is about. However, it seems that Drake is asking his paramour to be vulnerable with him. It seems as though he feels that he is giving more emotionally in the relationship than his girl. So, before they go to sleep he wants to get to know her a bit, for the first time.

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