Breeze Embalm- Coin A Phrase For ChangE

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Breeze Embalm has been putting out music for the past couple years on his Soundcloud and YouTube accounts. He comes from the Mecca of Hip Hop, The Bronx, and it is shown through his music. His rhymes he spits are not the current norm that is seen in the mainstream radio play of the Hip Hop world. The rhymes he create our mirrored by experiences of his life and the issues that he sees as a challenge to people within his community. His latest track “Coin a Phrase for ChangE” puts the audience into the shoes of a homeless person living in New York City, while giving both sides of the coin of this growing problem.
What inspired Breeze Embalm to write the track was witnessing the homeless begging for change around his community on a daily basis. This track is reminiscent of the Hip Hop pioneers of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in their song “The Message” because it puts issues happening within the inner cities and putting into a larger medium, that being music.
The beat for this track, produced by Prolyfic, grabs the listener to go further into the track with the opening beat of voices chanting the chorus. The beat almost appears simplistic in the first measure until Breeze steps in and completely takes over the track with his lyrics. The lyrics tell two points of view when it comes to giving spare change to a homeless person, one being give all you can to help your fellow man and the other being that they are a nuisance to our society. The back-and-forth of the two thoughts creates a conversation of Breeze’s own manifestation that needs to happen about this issue.
Ultimately, both sides see homelessness as an issue but do not know the best possible option to completely eliminating the problem. The lyrics along with the beat shows how much Breeze has grown in his talents, this shows his understanding the importance of making art is to reflect the artist’s surroundings.

Twitter: @BreezeEmbalm

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