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Just from hearing the first couple seconds while downloading all of Vibes & Culture, I was already hooked. Remington Steele knows how to capitalize on the groovy tunes, pulling the audience in, filling their ears with fresh beats and funky rhymes. The intro has the perfect amount of mystery surrounding it, setting up a story to be told through out the duration of the tape. If you’re looking for hip-hop music to impress your friends with driving down the freeway on a hot summer day, look no further. Boasting the title Vibes & Culture it is easy to expect he won’t live up to the title. However, he successfully weaves a Jamaican feel in to the heart of every song, sending you on a much-needed vacation without ever having to leave your living room.
If you’re worried this mellow vibe will leave no room for hard rap, give “The Hustle” a spin. From here, the album soars takes off, giving the audience that hit radio song they expect from a seasoned hip-hop artist and more. Back to back chart toppers, “The Hustle” and “Watch Your Back” are two flavorful songs that are well worth giving the mixtape a listen. Filled with intelligent lyrics and a sound beat, these two songs are so catchy you might need to get a vaccination for them.
Next comes the song “I’m Still Waiting,” a well-placed, slower song amidst the rest of this upbeat album. This song is all about exploring and appreciating woman, one of his more philosophical songs, making you reconsider and reexamine the ladies in your life.
Generally, when artists sample old songs, it is fifty-fifty whether or not the song will succeed.  “Now That We Found Love,” Remington Steele takes on an old Third World song, is a homerun hit. The perfect mix of funky, catchy lyrics overlaid to a beat you can’t help but bob your head to, this song goes above and beyond most hits today.
After listening to Vibes & Culture, it’s clear this is the perfect album to revisit over and over again this summer. From mention of swimming in “Jamaica Funk” to the overall sunny feel radiating from every corner of this beautiful concoction. Make sure to keep listening after the outro to listen to Remington’s hidden gem “She Scream.”

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