Interview: Ande Bishop

Remember the name: Ande Bishop. He will be the next artist to blow. He’s already established his brand and style so early in his career, build a solid fanbase, signed a deal with Seven13, and created his own label, American Roulette Records. This young hip hop artist is ready to take on the hip hop industry, one track at a time. His newly released EP, OCEAN$ is heating up on social media and blogs, garnering close over 30,000 plays (each song) via Soundcloud. That’s impressive! The music speaks for itself. Now let’s find out who’s the man behind the music. Check out the interview after the jump!
How did you discover hip hop?
My first memory of rap was Tupac’s Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. cassette tape, my mom gave it to me for like my fifth birthday. But according to her when I was like 3 or 4 I was in love with Ice Cube’s The Predator album prior to that. So she swears Ice Cube was my first favorite rapper.
Talk about your new music. What can listeners take from the music?
I try to be extremely detailed in my songs, I try to make them situational. I hate vague ass songs that never really expound upon things. So hopefully they can say I painted a picture better than most other rappers do.
What’s one of the biggest moments of your career thus far?
Definitely our brand American Roulette aligning with Seven13 Music for the OCEAN$ project. For one anytime you sign a ‘deal’ as an artist it legitimizes you in the eyes of most fans, so they take you seriously, which is hard to make people do as a largely unknown artist.
On top of that they really educated me on the rollout process of a release, radio, PR, iTunes marketing, all that jazz. But also it was just dope to share with people that we are apart of a multi-million dollar entity.
Would you say social media helps your career as far as reaching new audiences and getting exposure?
Oh yeah definitely. I think in a lot of ways it’s the most important tool. I personally view sites like YouTube and SoundCloud as social media, just because how shareable they make their content. But Twitter, and especially my Instagram has picked up since my releases, I get DM’s and comments daily.
Have you done any show? If so, tell us about them.
I haven’t done any recently, we’re gearing up to do a few dates throughout the southeast mid-summer. Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas mostly. I’m hyped about it, especially because I’ll be getting paid to see the country, pretty much.
What artists are you listening to?
Right now I’m in an R&B phase, I haven’t been listening to any rap, period. So Erykah, Sade, Musiq Soulchild, and D’Angelo are my current rotation. I don’t listen to rap while I work on my own music. But I was addicted to Kendrick’s last album, and Drake’s tape.
Where do you see yourself in two years?
I see us being one of the larger indie labels, we feel like we have an uncommonly strong roster at American Roulette. But me personally I plan on having my major commercial debut out by then, and a top 10 album on Billboard.
What’s next for you?
Back to the lab really, OCEAN$ was a major win for me, but I want to build on it sooner rather than later, so my next project will be out before you know it, I’m just tying up some loose ends around it.
Anything else you would like to share?
Uhh, if you see me coming to perform to a city near you I’d love to have everyone experience my live show.
Where can we find you on social media? Where can we listen to your music?
My Twitter and IG are @2AndeBishop. You can hear my music at And my VEVO will be updated with my latest videos soon as well,
Twitter: @2AndeBishop.

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