Chi City – Dreams Are Not Real

Chicago native Chi City has been popping up on a lot of people’s radars as of late and for good reason. The rapper who has been on the scene since 2009, but none of his previous endeavors into the rap game have made waves. But recently with a steady roll of new tracks that he has been putting out show he has for sure found his style. A style that quiescently is all his own, studying the thought process of the rapping greats of the past to bringing it with a futuristic feel that bridges the gap between the two schools of hip hop thought. One of his tracks that speaks to this description is called “Dream Are Not Real.”
Chi City describes in his tracks the inner-city Chicago perspective that there is nothing to dream for except to live another day on this earth. This is a socially conscious take telling the young people in his community that hard work and perseverance is all you need one pursuing a dream. His dream was always to make it big with his rapping now that it is about to come true all he can do is remember all the people that did not have faith in him to accomplish this goal.
The beat, produced by Cokayn, opens the song with a soft angelic-like voice singing how will I know? This angelic voice which is throughout the track is pleading with the people how will I know that dreams are not real? With his versatility on this track Chi City closes the argument saying dreams are real.

Twitter: @iamchicity

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