Judge Da Boss – Can’t Trust

There is a point in a person’s life where they do not believe the people around them are trustworthy. If this is your current disposition then I suggest the latest track from the Phoenix rapper Judge Da Boss. The perfectly titled track Can’t Trust, is an interesting song describing the predicaments a young MC might find themselves in during their come up into the rap game.
Judge opens the track by giving the classic you used to hate me when I wasn’t anything but now that I am making something out of this rapping and getting paid for it, you love me. Many rappers have found themselves in this situation and they address it by expressing through rapping.
His rhymes on this track are right in the pocket of the beat. Judge plays off the up and down beats of the banging beat to lay down some real truths. The beat might sound to others as a laid back, boom-bap type rap but it is this way in order for the listener to comprehend his message. That message is delivered clearly in his intensity in the style of his flow. This track goes to show the real side of what is like as a new talent trying to break their way into the scene. Judge Da Boss has been around for quite some time and if he keeps putting out tracks that show his heart and soul like this there is no way he won’t get the recognition he deserves.

Twitter: @JudgeDaBoss

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