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If the artwork for #BestDressed isn’t enough to already draw in a substantial audience, the captivating sound of the mix tape is sure to do the job. The diversity of this album is certainly something to admire. Between slow rap and chart toppers, the ability to pick up and slow down tracks at his own pace sets Dietrich apart from his competitors as well as drives home the fact that he is an incredibly well rounded, accomplished, hip-hop artist. Starting off with the slow jam “Already,” Dietrich brilliantly combines advanced lyrics over a mellow tune, showcasing his ability to overcome expectations in the hip hop world and exceed artists at a stride of his own. The beautiful combination continues until “Hundo Freestyle” picks up the pace of the album, giving it the drive it needs to succeed in an incredibly difficult industry. This club topper, along with “Lord Knows,” is certain to keep the hunnies out late on the town shaking, popping, and grinding it till the early morning.
This prodigy is hard to miss, with lyrics such as “when she turn 18 I might fuck Kylie Jenner,” it’s hard not to finish the entire album in hopes of finding more hearty zings that Dietrich has hidden within. I know I let out a lengthy “ohhhh!” after hearing that lyric dropped while wishing I was friends with Dietrich so I had the ability to high five him multiple times. Later on in his song “Anyways” we hear him reach out to another topic concurrent with pop culture today: vine. It’s easy to see that Dietrich is luring listeners in by capitalizing on what is currently relatable, a smart move commonly used by big time artists in hip-hop to drive sales. The move of utilizing pop-culture as an ally to create content that is marketable is an incredibly logical move for any artist wishing to soar to the top. Well played, Dietrich, well played.
Generally, with artists who use auto-tune, it’s easy to pick that out as a cheap tactic utilized to give edge to an artist without any to begin with. However, this is not the case with Dietrich. Strip the tracks of auto-tune, and his beats, lyrics, and heart are what give the mix tape the structure to survive.  Critics making arguments in regards to Dietrich’s use of auto-tune should relinquish the hate filling their body and reconsider their stance on the issue. Haters will definitely find it hard to deny Dietrich’s raw capabilities after giving “Ain’t Got Time” a listen.
The only bone I have to pick with Dietrich is the fact that he’s not famous yet. Seriously world, stop sitting around when a hip-hop artist this talented is just waiting to be discovered. From insightful jams, to songs that make you want to do things your mom warned you about, this album has it all. What are you waiting for? Love yourself and listen to #BestDressed. I know I will be for at least the next month.
STREAM HERE>>>https://soundcloud.com/dietrichpicasso/sets/bestdressed
Twitter: @DietrichCoolAss

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