Nance – How Will I Know

Nance, a name you should get familiar with if you have not heard it before. Nance is a young MC hailing from the Raleigh, North Carolina that just released a new mixtape via his Soundcloud page called Thanks for Having Me. Out of all the tracks on this mixtape one in particular stands out the most, “How Will I Know”.
The tracks calls you in with an insane beat produced by NovaTheProducer. The polished beat is complimentary to the rhyming style of Nance. This style and lyrics could be compared to that of a young Mac Miller or Asher Roth but yet it is uniquely all Nance. Nance’s flow throughout the beat is completely in sync which is difficult ability for someone of his age and experience rapping but shows how this is natural talent for him. It is not just this track off the mixtape but the others are just as good. This song is a great introduction to the rapping talent that is Nance. Because Thanks for Having Me  is used as an expression for Nance to give the music community his shot of making something out of his own creation. This is fully expressed in the track “How Will I Know”, where he asks us, as well as himself, what are the telltale signs of making it in this industry. Since he does not know and knows other do not know either he is going to continue being himself before and after he knows that he finally made it.

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