Raury- Devil's Whisper

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In “Devil’s Whisper”, Raury combines the storytelling of folk, the down home feel of old soul, and the boldness of Hip-Hop to order to plead with his listeners to resist the seductions of worldly pleasures. The track begins with an ensemble of voices encouraging the listener to “run”and “hide” from the Devil. The simple cord progression and heavily accented rhythmic downbeat give the track an ominous feel. With the ensemble sounding more like a collection of ghosts rather than backing vocals. In fact, it seems as though the chorus is meant to set the stage for the rest of the song, like an actual Greek Chorus.
In the first verse, Raury embodies Satan himself as he sings about all the worldly pleasures he can provide; given, of course, that Raury follow him. All this, despite the unsavory things that he may ask of Raury in return. In response, Rory spits: “My brother, you could probably win a shit talkin’ competition, my composition is the opposition of all…the shit [where you] deal crack and spend cash on cement ass…” Raury goes on to insist that his resistance has more to do with staying true to his heart, “My heart burns in the fire of the truth.” Rather than feeling as though he is superior to others in the game, “I am you, you are me.”
And in the end, Raury rebukes the Devil’s lies and convinces the listener that true happiness can only be found in, well, truth.
Watch the video here: http://www.vevo.com/watch/raury/Devils-Whisper/USSM21500830

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