Boogie- Make Me Over

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With “Make Me Over,” Cali-bred rapper Boogie gives listeners a hauntingly beautiful, and emotional record of the life he knows. The song features vocalist D’anna Stewart who pleads to God, “Lord, I need you to wrap your arms around me!” Stewart’s voice is simultaneously powerful and etherial. And, unlike many contemporary singers today, she recognizes the difference between being soulful and sounding soulful.
One of the main themes addressed in the track is internal conflicts within the Black community. For Boogie, this includes the space between real life and what is depicted in commercial hip-hop. He rages with “Nigga, fuck your turn up! How I’m ‘posed to benefit, how that shit concern us?” And later on in the record, calmly states,“Okay, let’s clap for them niggas, who turn they back on us niggas, cause they what’s clapping at niggas, to get it crackin’ for niggas who really hatin’, they hangin’ from a cliff, let’s see if you ton save ‘em, I bet not.”
The production of the song is pretty crowded, with D’anna’s voice, Boogie’s rhymes and the nighttime prayers of Boogie’s 5 year old son all competing for dominance. But It seems to the listener that this is intentional and meant to reflect the chaos of Boogie’s mental and emotional states. Yet, despite these different elements, the record is still balanced and evenly paced. The end result is a masterful rendering of a complex man and his complex life.

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