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Nefertiitii is a rising hip hop artist hailing from Baltimore. With the new release of her EP, 18th Dynasty, Nefertiitii is on the right path of success. At her EP release party back in May, I got the chance to hear all of the tracks exclusively–and live! When she performs, Nefertiitii commands attention, not in an arrogant matter, but with poise and dignity. The crowd instantly gravitates to her because of her warm presence. Her lyricism is untouchable and her style is hip, street, with a touch of chic.
Nefertiitii states that nothing comes between her and music. 18th Dynasty proves just that. Her opener “Feel Good (Everything Fine)” is a reminiscence of that 1990s Queen Latifah flow and sound. The song has a chill vibe with a positive flow. “Feel Good” is definitely not what many are listening to now, which is a good thing. This track has great potential.
There’s a theme on 18th Dynasty that rings optimism. “Own It” is a perfect example of that. The laid-back cut speaks on hard work and owning what you have at the moment. “Put in that work, own it” is repeated in the chorus as if it could be a chant that we all can say at her next show. It’s radio-friendly with a plug for a mega audience sing-along.
“Want It Back” is an ode to golden age hip hop with a funky beat. Since the state of hip hop in the industry calls for party trippy songs, Nefertiitii reminds us that conscious hip hop is needed more. Her wordplay is crazy: “Hip hop is life/ I need it like a limb/ I was born to win, born to sin/ after this jay, I’ma feel so born again/ I got a fat chance, slim. This is more than rhymes/I call it rap hymns,” which she raps in a rapid speed that might make you replay it back. “1 of a Kind” is overlooked on the 6-song EP, due to it’s EDM elements and the production overbearing Nefertiitii’s delicate voice. However, her personality shines through on the track, proving that she is “original, unique.”
The first single, “Dreamer” is the best song on the project. It has everything from tight rhymes, a classic hip hop beat and a high volume of hope. The song is a fresh breath of air. “What’s life without dreaming” is the true motivator to get people pursuing what they were destined to do. Nefertiitii is the new voice of the young people. It’s anthem-ready. Keep your ears locked on this track.

“I’m Here” is a victorious song for the Baltimore native. There’s a strong opening as Nefertiitii drives into the love that she receives about her music and her movement. She has overcame obstacles, phony friends, industry cutthroats and the hate. Now she marches onto her new path. A bright future is a ahead. So “tell the haters, that [Nef] is here and [she] ain’t going nowhere.”
Purchase 18th Dynasty here:
Twitter: @NeffyRaps

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