Puff Daddy & Family – Finna Get Loose

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It’s been a while since Diddy graced the music scene as his original “Bad Boy” persona. Residual press waves after his group’s nostalgic BET Awards performance tempered the climate for the release of his new track “Finna Get Loose.” The golden touch of producer Pharrell Williams making the track an instant dance hit, it’s a jam that will definitely circulate clubs well. Featuring syncopated beats and repetitive rhymes that are easy to groove to, “Finna Get Loose” is a record that’s true to its title.

Though it would be misleading to claim that the majority of us have been anxiously awaiting their return to music, Puff Daddy and The Family’s setlist last weekend surely made me crack out their “No Way Out” album to vibe to some classics. For those who missed it, Puff Daddy & Family (and friends) tore up the arena performing several hiphop hits including “I Need A Girl Pt 2,” “All About the Benjamins,” and even Faith Evans blessed the crowd with her “Love Like This”. They finished it off with the first live performance of Puff and Pharrell’s new “Finna Get Loose” accompanied by a spontaneous crowd-dancing Chris Brown. It was a great night, full of instantly viral moments; Puff falling into a random hole in the center of the platform (and swiftly getting back onstage) being one of them. That moment might be a metaphor that illustrates Diddy’s successful comeback, the onstage drop just a small blip in the prolific career of Puff Daddy, he’s gotten back in it and is ready to embrace the world.
We all know Diddy’s been busy growing his empire and steady becoming a mogul for the past 20 years, so if he’s “Finna Get Loose” on the anniversary of his hiphop debut it would be much deserved. The track is hot, and holds high potential for an even better remix which I’m sure will be surfacing soon. Maybe The Family’s back together, I’m sure after last week’s performance there will be no problems selling out tickets just like they used to.

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