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Hopping on the scene, newcomer hip hop artist Tajee is gracing us with his presence. He’s something different and unique. A laid-back vibe mixed with a chill flow that shows his ultimate cool. Born in Anniston, AL in a house of four brothers, hip hop was always a genre that resonated with Tajee. Now, recently signed with American Roulette Records, Tajee introduced his first single with them titled “Lorde.” That single was featured on and the video for “Lorde” was posted on Jack Thriller. There’s more in store for Tajee, so look out for him this summer.
How did you discover hip hop?
I’ve been around music my whole life. My name actually comes from the jazz band Najee. As far as hip hop,  my cousin rapped so I’ve been around it my whole life.
Talk about your latest single, Lorde. What was it like recording the track and also signing to American Roulette Records?
“Lorde” was actually supposed to be just a short interlude but I got such a good reaction from the people I let hear it. So we decided to shoot a video. It went from being a interlude into being my introduction as a member of American Roulette. As far as being a part of the label, it’s more like family. We’ve all been knowing each other since way back.  I feel very comfortable.
Talk about your upbringing and how you got into the industry?
I’m the oldest of 5. All boys. So it was crazy at my house. The craziest thing was how my mom always told us to stick together and make music because we all had a passion for it when we were younger, but we got labeled as a gang and plastered all over the newspaper as trouble makers.
Would you say social media helps your career as far as reaching new audiences and getting exposure?
I would say yes! Most definitely. It makes your music and you as a person easily accessible to people from LA to Laos. Music is universal, so things like YouTube or Soundcloud are essential. If you want to grow [as an artist], you will need it to exposes you to so many places.
Have you done any show? If so, tell us about them.
I’ve done a couple shows, but the one that’s my personal favorite is my first performance. I completely fell a part (laughs). I never been so nervous in my life. You think you real until everyone is staring at you and you start hearing people hit record on their phone.
What artists are you listening to?
I listen to a lot of our own (American Roulette) stuff, but I’m currently bumping this guy from Atlanta named ELHAE. If I listen to the same song twice in one day, it has to be exceptional! It’s so much music to choose from. I love to mix it up.
Where do you see yourself in two years?
In two years, I just hope to see improvement honestly. Music changes so fast, so in two years, I want to be ahead of where I am now. Maybe working on my 4th EP or second LP.
What can we expect from your upcoming EP JRUG LORDE? What creative direction did you take with the project?
JRÜG LÖRDË is a chapter of my life. A piece of me I want to share with the world. It has  AMAZING production, the entire project is mixed and mastered by Londn Blue, a couple features, and  Good ole JRÜG music. I call it JRÜG music because like drugs I want my music to make you feel something. When you hear a song I want it to take you somewhere. can we find you on social media? Where can we listen to your music?
My snapchat? TAJEELG…I’m addicted to watching stories and talking to people.
You can find me on Facebook as Lorde Goldie or Tajee. My IG & Twitter are  @TAJEELG. My music can be found on Soundcloud and YouTube on the American roulette page:

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