Ambré Perkins – Wanderlust

Ambré Perkins’ confidence has grown evident in her music, especially in her new album Wanderlust. Powerful beats paired with emotional lyrics provide a glimpse into the Louisiana native’s tumultuous upbringing. Some of her songs’ intros lean on the dreamy side, but with inspirations from artists like Frank Ocean and Rashad; I’m not surprised at her approach to creating music.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 7.55.38 AMWanderlust is an album that truly exemplifies her heart; by using external audio (one of my favorite devices in modern hip hop) from clips of the 1985 film “Back to the Future,” she paints an honest outlook of what it took for her to create such art. The “Be Somebody” interlude comes at an important place in the album. Goldie Wilson’s sudden self-awareness of his potential seems to be a metaphor for Ambré’s similar realization of her own talent before the creation of this album.
My favorite track, “90s Love” features lyrics like “I want to trap myself in your arms” and “tell me what am I supposed to do?” without sounding desperate or needy, a trend commonly conceived when women (such as Lana Del Rey) relay their yearning for closeness in their music. I commend Ambré for presenting such a variety of quality songs on Wanderlust. Though at times the production muddles her voice as though she were underwater, her lyrics are full of an emotion that is undeniable. Through straightforward lyrics that flow nicely off the beats layered throughout the album, Ambré has achieved deserved recognition for her music.
Her pre-Wanderlust covers like “Girls Love the 90s” and “Mine” exhibit her talent early on. She claims she’s “never been that girl” in her song “Pretty,” another track that shamelessly expresses her insecurities in a honest way. Knowing that she comes from a childhood that challenged her convictions, songs like “Halfway” and “Ghost” make apparent the struggles she’s endured and overcome. As Goldie says in the second interlude, “I’m gonna make something of myself…I’m gonna be somebody,” Ambré’s ambitions as a singer are only continuing to grow, which I hope fuels her future creations.

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