Kehlani – You Should Be Here

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 7.48.18 AMSince her media debut on “America’s Got Talent”, Kehlani’s popularity has only continued to shed light on her massive chops. Kehlani is so talented, her library so impressive, her music so deep, that I honestly can’t judge singer Ambré Perkins for putting out a tribute track to the artist. We all know Cloud 19 was among the best EPs of last year.“FWU” and “Get Away” are both leading tracks that’ll fuel any dance party.
Since then, the release of Kehlani’s summer album You Should Be Here is evidence that she has tapped an unprecedented amount of inspiration within herself. The work’s title track grooves at a pace that sets the tone for the rest of the album. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a collection of music so femininely empowering; while boasting her range, Kehlani’s lyrics (in songs like “Bright” and “Runnin’”) struck a chord with me.
“Bright” is a song that shines not only because of her superior vocals, but her uplifting message; she directly addresses the young men and women she knows are listening to what she puts out. By describing the struggles she faces as a strong black woman with goals, and hinting at her own childhood esteem struggles by inserting advice into her verses, I find that I can really relate to her songs. The vibe she exudes in her music, as well as the embodied confidence that she describes as a valuable factor one should look for in a woman, are things that I think audiences have responded to. Therefore, it’s no surprise her summer tour is completely sold out at every venue (give our take a few VIP seats).
I seriously recommend Kehlani’s album. Not only is it empowering and strong, it simply presents us with really good music. Chance the Rapper’s feature on the “The Way” (recently remixed ft. Trey Songz) gives the setlist a strong boost, but my favorite collab is actually between Kehlani and BJ the Chicago Kid in “Down For You.” Both songs are among the strongest in the album, and to me, are just more reasons to be glad a musician like Kehlani exists. And, to quote a line from “Runnin,” she’s truly “changed the way they looking at us women making music.”
FYI, another recent remix of Kehlani’s “Get Away” track with G-Eazy is one of my favorite songs to listen to this summer. Click the link and enjoy!

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