L’Orange & Kool Keith – ‘Time? Astonishing!’ ft Blu, Mr. Lif, J-Live

North Carolina producer L’Orange continues to develop and expand his signature sound. His musical companion for this journey is legendary Ultramagnetic frontman and perpetual innovator Kool Keith. Their new collaborative record is about a man in the early 20th century who is a bored explorer and finds technology to take him into the future – but he goes without any sense of adventure. He travels through time as if he is traveling to Tuscaloosa. He is then hospitalized as insane and goes into suspended animation (a metaphor for his subconscious while sedated in the hospital). The adventure begins for him as he escapes this world. An absurdist look into the sci-fi world. Time? Astonishing!’ is out now and features guest appearances from Open Mike Eagle, Blu, Mr. Lif, J-Live, MC Paul Barman, and others. Check out the full album stream in celebration of today’s album release.

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