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Honestly, I think independent rapper Saint Oeaux is on a path to success. His first album Via Dolorosa showcases his ability to produce good hiphop dance tracks that don’t marginalize the quality of his lyrics. Just from listening to his debut single “We Dont Luv Em,” I’m seriously interested in what else this St. Louis native has to say, which brings me to one of Saint Oeaux’s latest tracks “Nobody” featured on Via Dolorosa. It has a strong melody that’s easy to dance to, even if the chorus is slightly off-key.
via dolorosaUnlike the rest of the tracks on the album, “Nobody” sounds like it was made by a beginner independent artist. The rhythm is basic and the chorus is truly difficult to hear. In addition, though Oeaux’s rhymes in the song are commendable, they don’t ever succeed at being impactful to the ear. My opinion on “Nobody” by no means equates to the remainder of Dolorosa; a majority of the album have solid melodies that I’ve found myself revisiting throughout this week. Among the stronger are “Facts,” “1994,” and “Hella Good” which are honestly better than “Nobody” because of their superior production and minimal autotune.
Overall, Via Dolorosa is an exciting accomplishment; almost every song flows to easily fuel any jam session. And going further back into the rest of Saint Oeaux’s portfolio reveals his obvious talent. I’ve enjoyed looking into his new album and I don’t mind being able to dance while doing so. Definitely look up Saint Oeaux and give Dolorosa a listen, it won’t take long to make your speakers bounce.

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