Desi Mo the Dogg- Missy Elliot

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Desi Mo The Dog pays homage to the great Missy Elliot in her single “Missy Elliot”. She samples a few of the greatest Missy song and it comes together throughout the song. At first listen, the corky beat gives off the feel of a western or folk song. Furthermore, along with the accompany of lyrics it becomes a lyrical medley centralized around her, her crew, and egotism. She considers herself an elephant in which no room is big enough for her, figuratively.
Her rap deliverance and energy is more impressive than the actual words. In her song she makes a direct message to listeners “If you ain’t down with the cause, don’t speak.” She is giving a fair warning to the nay-sayers or haters that are not with her movement to move along. This song is an initial greeting from her to all who don’t know. You can hear in her voice the rugged street-esque Long Beach, CA personality making “The Dog” a suitable title.
Her vibe is altogether energetic and feisty and it comes fourth in her music. She tells you straight up who she is and what she does and if you have a problem with that the “dog pound” will quickly solve it. Moreover, the track is audacious which is what is expected given the overall persona of the rapper. The unique sound, mixed with the hardcore bars gives her a distinct edge. There appears to be more potential in this rapper or perhaps it is all bark and not bite.  More can be heard on Desi Mo The Dog’s soundcloud.

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