DonMonique- Pilates

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A new and interesting sound is coming out of Brooklyn, and no I am not speaking of a new indie band, I am speaking about rapper Donmonique. Donmonique gives a new flavor that we as listeners have been begging for. Her style is a mixture of the 90s Bad Boy Records swag mixed with the trap style of today. It is no wonder that one of her favorite MCs happens to be Lil Kim and the similarities between the two go far beyond that of their Brooklyn connection it goes into the way in which they carry themselves in an effortless rhyme scheme that blows people away.
The track that has attracted a lot of buzz to the 20 year old rapper is called “Pilates.” In her lyrics she claims that she can make the work stretch, like Pilates, and that is not the only thing that she can make stretch, it is her flow as well. The listeners is entranced by the melodic lyrics of Donmonique but keeps them going with the ambient beat produced by CeCe G. This is exactly what Donmonique brings to this track subtle catchy lyrics under a wavy beat that is sure to make you unconsciously bob your head as she lays down rhymes that she makes to appear easy and unbelievable how she is able to fill so much in under 3 and a half minutes. Currently, she is working with a multitude of producers and high-level MCs so it should be interesting to where she ends up next.

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